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Toto cake

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Cake from “TOTO” cookie. Here, a dark toto cookie was used, with milk filling, which looks like a biscuit biscuit. A quick, simple, cake for housewives who are in a hurry and running with time. The cake is ready literally in 20 minutes.


    2 packs or 500 gr “toto” biscuits
    170 gr of margarine
    200 gr of powdered sugar
    500 ml of sweet cream (sweet cream, halta, hula, whipping cream)
    200 gr cream cheese
    200 gr of sour cream


    Pour 300 g of toto biscuits and add a melted margarine, mix it.

    There will be plenty of boiling and soft mixture, but it's necessary, it will reach into the fridge and it will be like a cookie.

    Take a cake from a cake (I measure my in cm, 23 cm) to put on a pinch, then shake the mixture and flush it with your hand.

    Put in the fridge until we make the fill.

    Soak the sweet cream, make sure it's not too much, something like whipped cream when you mutilate, because if you get too hot, you get a mass like a wet margarine, we do not need that 🙂

    Add powdered sugar, cream cheese and cream and then all together stir up, just so much so that everything is united. Do not mutate too much.

    The cake that has left you fine to break and add to the previously soaked mass.

    Combine everything with a sword and shake it through the already cooled bark.

    Align, make a good impression that we do not have any air left between the bark and the hoop.

    Leave it cool and decorate as desired.

    You can leave the remaining biscuit 2 and sprinkle it and sprinkle with it, sprinkle with topping chocolate or as you like.

    Cake serve well cooled.



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