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Salad with yogurt and roasted eggplant

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Salad with yogurt and roasted eggplant

This is a nice salad, which you can often find on Turkish menus. Usually it serves as a starter, but in these summer days it will perfectly serve as a complete meal. Given that it contains baked eggplant is a lot of sunburn and you can serve as a complete meal with a piece of toast, of course if you do not have enough you can always serve a piece of meat along with it. You can adjust the measures to suit your needs, depending on what amount you need. I hope you like it.

It needs

    about 600 g of eggplant
    2 medium-sized tomatoes
    2 cucumbers of medium size
    1 head of red or purple onion
    250 ml of Greek yogurt
    1 lemon juice
    about 50 ml of olive oil
    a few leaf of fresh nano, a little dill / peacock
    are also tabasco sauce if you love hot

    Eat the eggplant in the oven, unglazed in a piece. Cool it and take it off. You can do this the day before. I would bake it in the evening so that the next day's food is fast

    Get rid of the cockpit with a fork.
    Slice cucumber, tomatoes and onion on small cubes.

    Put eggplant, chopped vegetables in the bowl, add lemon juice, olive oil, salt and if you like a bit of hot add tomato sauce, add finely chopped nana and dill and mix everything.

    Sprinkle the salad in a carpet or bowl and sprinkle with a little bit of olive or pumpkin oil.
    That would be it, serve with a bit of toast and enjoy. Until cooking


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